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Race Day Experience Crew on ArcsineHi Roy,

Well it all went very well I think! We were very lucky with the weather and the conditions on the water as I think that somehow I managed to book the first day of spring!

The skippers couldn’t have been nicer. All arrived promptly at 10am when the bridge went up and moored up along side the jetty for us to hop on board. Kenny gave us all a quick briefing and then each of the skippers talked us through the basics of their boats. Once we were out on the water, the conditions were just perfect. Kathy, who’s boat I was on, instructed us all masterfully on how to handle a racing yacht and left us pretty much in charge of her boat!

We decided to come back into Weymouth to eat our sandwiches – this took a bit of time but it was a good idea as we all managed to chill out for a short while together and caught up out of the wind and in the sun. Yes there were a couple of photos – attached is the photo of our crew with Kathy on Arcsine (Charlie, the Groom, is wearing the cap!). There should be another floating about with Kathy and Charlie (in a mankini!).

So no real negative feedback – in fact the whole experience has really increased my appetite for chartering, as well as a few of the other chaps who came along.

Thanks for helping us out with that Roy! Hopefully we’ll see you again soon in Weymouth!

Have a great summer!



Posted May 2nd, 2013 by Roy

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