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Chichester Marina, nestling in an enormous natural harbour, has more than 1,000 berths, making it one of the largest marinas in the UK.
Its approach channel can be easily identified by the CM SHM pile. The channel was dredged to 0.5m below CD in 2004, giving access of around five hours either side of HW at springs. Besides the wide ranging marine facilities, there are also a restaurant and small convenience store on site.
Chichester, which is only about a five minute bus or taxi ride away, has several places of interest, the most notable being the cathedral.

How to get here
West Pole Beacon – This beacon represents a waypoint from which you can start to make your approaches into the harbour. It is positioned at Lat 50′ 45′.68N, Long 000 56′.40W, black steel pile, R. Can Topmark, Fl.W.R.5s, 10m, 7/5M, vis W 321º – 081º, R 081º – 321º.
The purpose of this pile is to guide traffic away from periodic turbulent sea conditions caused by the gradual shoaling extension that is taking place to the West Pole Sands. Craft intending to enter the harbour from the west should keep this pile on their port hand.Note West Pole Beacon replaces the seasonal, unlit, Chi Spit Buoy.

Chichester Bar is located at the entrance to the harbour and is dredged to approximately 1.5m below chart datum giving a depth of 2m at Mean Low Water Springs; however, the bottom can vary up to 0.75m. With an ebb tide and strong southerly winds, it is advisable to exercise caution and cross the Bar between three hours before and one hour after High Water Springs.

When approaching from the west remain on the 5m contour line or with the target beacon in transit with Cakeham Tower bearing 064 degrees until Eastoke Beacon opens to the east of Bar Beacon, then alter course to pass between Eastoke and West Winner Beacons leaving Chichester Bar Beacon close to the west. Reverse this procedure on leaving. Once inside the harbour you need to head north-east past East Head and towards Itchenor to arrive at the marina.

Marina Approach Channel
The channel to Chichester Marina (12m wide and minimum depth varying from 0.6m Mean Low Water Springs (MLWS) to 2m Mean Low Water Neaps.(MLWN) is marked by the Chichester Marina starboard pile. There are five starboard markers each with a green top mark in the approach channel. A ‘waiting pontoon’ is situated in the approach channel immediately outside the lock and has a green overgreen starboard beacon on the most western end.

Vessels entering the marina should keep to the starboard side of the channel, about 10m from the starboard markers, pass outgoing vessels port to port. Maximum speed 6 knots. Unless requested to do so by the duty lock keeper, vessels must NOT overtake in the approach channel.
Larger vessels may be given priority in exceptional circumstances, please call the lock keeper for advice (VHF Channel 80).Two depth gauges (one on the lockside, and the other on the most western Chichester Marina approach channel pile) indicate the depth of water in the channel.
Visitors please moor on the outer waiting pontoon and approach the marina office for locking instructions and additional marina information.
The slow red flashing light situated on towers at each end of the lock indicate less than 1 metre depth of water in the approach channel. The slow yellow flashing light indicates FREE FLOW is operating. 12 chichester marina guide

Arrivals and Departures – Chichester Marina operates VHF channel 80, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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